The E-Cat Spheromak Connection: Fulvio Fabiani Describes Obvious Electron Clusters Observed and Filmed!

In an interview with Mats Lewan, the former associate of Andrea Rossi, Fulvio Fabiani describes phenomena in E-Cat (Energy Catalyzer) systems that are obviously (at least extremely likely) to be… Continue reading

The Protocols for Creating ASTOUNDED States in LENR Systems; The Beauty of Lithium Doped Nano-diamond Spheromak Emitters

The Protocols for Creating ASTOUNDED States in LENR Systems; or, The Beauty of Lithium Doped Nano-diamond Spheromak Emitters By The Director There are many names that have been used over the… Continue reading

The Principles of UNSHACKLED Energy Production With Electron Clusters

The following acronym is a partial summation of the fundamental principles that I’ve concluded likely allow for the massive extraction of zero point energy via Electron Cluster (Exotic Vacuum Object)… Continue reading

Brainstorming About The Optimization of Electron Cluster Production For Massive Zero Point Energy Extraction

I’ve been reading perhaps several dozen papers a day on electron clusters, other devices producing similar electron clustering or plasmoid phenomenon, devices such as Traveling Wave Tubes used by industry… Continue reading

The Automotive “Electromagnetic Interference” Electron Cluster (EVO) Connection

A friend of mine recently told me that long ago when cars and other vehicles utilized much more primitive ignition systems, the electromagnetic interference could be picked up from a… Continue reading

My EVOlving Understanding: Electron Cluster Talk #1

Welcoming to the first edition of a new series of blog posts about my understanding of the amazing aetheric engines called “Exotic Vacuum Objects” or Electron Clusters. The posts I… Continue reading

Paulo and Alexandra Correa’s PAGD Electron Cluster Generator!

Paulo and Alexandra Correa of Ontario, Canada are two scientists who’ve developed an amazing Electron Cluster (they don’t use this term) generating system called the “Pulse Abnormal Glow Discharge” device.… Continue reading