The E-Cat Spheromak Connection: Fulvio Fabiani Describes Obvious Electron Clusters Observed and Filmed!

In an interview with Mats Lewan, the former associate of Andrea Rossi, Fulvio Fabiani describes phenomena in E-Cat (Energy Catalyzer) systems that are obviously (at least extremely likely) to be spheromaks or what Kenneth Shoulders described as EVOs (exotic vacuum objects). This strengthens the case that electron clusters are at the heart of LENR. Before you read any more of my comments, please check out these quotes from the article:

We have it all filmed, which still cannot be disclosed. We have photographs of creatures that emit pure light that have completely melted the reactor down, all in a very quiet way. You just turn off the stimuli system and the reaction is switched off. It’s impressive.”

““Over the years we realized that the reaction needs more stimuli than only heating. Everyone thinks that thermal stimulus is enough but that’s just the beginning. It’s not enough for maximum efficiency. It’s the base, the synthesis of the reaction. But the reaction has almost behaviors as of living matter, and it has responses as a function of the stimuli. They can be of many types other than thermal. And these are the ones that trigger, let’s call it the most fun part of it, allowing excellent gains in terms of response to the stimuli.”

” A reactor is composed of a core, an excitation system, and a system for heat exchange. I look after the excitation system and the system for heat exchange, and also the physical realization of the core. But the core must be filled with the mixture of powders that Rossi from time to time recalibrates in function of the effect that he wants to achieve.”

“I have really seen… Did you see Blade Runner? The quote at the end, ‘I’ve seen things you people wouldn’t believe’. It’s true. I assure you that I have seen things that only I, Rossi and a few other people saw. We really saw things… I really saw the new frontier of energy. There is nothing in comparison. You cannot imagine. I speak of the E-CatX* and many others of Rossi’s experiments. We have tried lots of things, and we have made some twenty and more different reactors. And I can assure you that with some of them we have truly seen a new world. Energy density, reaction capacity, in the sense of things never seen. The new frontier of energy.

“The field that this reaction opens up is so vast that it’s almost impossible to imagine all the capabilities and possibilities. I have always been a lover of science fiction, and yet I was never able to believe that the famous star ships you see in the movies would become possible, because it seemed too far away. But I have to say that when I saw what Rossi was able to open, I’m seeing that world getting closer. Maybe before I die I will see those starships. Yes, it’s a child’s dream.”

I’ve bolded certain sections of the above quotes. In my opinion, these are the most important statements. Basically, he tells us that to produce high levels of excess heat, an excitation system is required. We already know a good bit about the different excitation systems Rossi has utilized; for example, applying the output of a Tesla coil into his reactors, discharging electricity through the fuel, utilizing radio frequency generators to create a plasma environment, and producing a rotating (the rotation part is critical) magnetic field in his reactor. The rotation is achieved by using three phase, high frequency AC to his multiple windings. This creates high voltage peaks due to the resonances of the three phase AC that is capable of ionizing the gas inside the reactor, producing plasma. The rotating magnetic field enhances the formation of EVOs (spheromaks) by providing the helicity and rotation needed to create and sustain them.

So you see, Rossi has used many methods to produce EVOs in his reactors. When these EVOs are created (the creatures of pure light that Fulvio describes) they can induce LENR by a number of different mechanisms. What’s important to understand is that a spheromak doesn’t simply provide one source of stimulation for LENR but many different types.

They spray out electrons of a variety of energies.

They produce x-rays.

They accelerate protons and other heavy ions to high kinetic energies.

They can emit neutrons.

By impacting surrounding fuel with photons and charged particles, they can produce powerful surface plasmon polaritons.

What’s even more interesting, is that upon crashing into a target or surface, all of the above process can become intensified! Basically, when an EVO starts to impact a surface, the kinetic energy of the toroid is transferred to the electrons and positive ions inside. They start to accelerate to higher and higher speeds until the whole structure becomes unstable and explodes. At this point, a wide range of nuclear reactions can take place, electromagnetic emissions can be produced, and high speed particles can be shot out in all directions.

Truly, utilizing EVOs is the shotgun approach to LENR or cold fusion. The process may not be as elegant as shining a laser on a deuterium loaded metal in an electrolytic cell, but the results are far more powerful! Also, once an EVO (or the emissions of an EVO that is in flight) strikes a hydrogen embrittled metal hydride, the damage to the lattice can induce fracto-emission of electrons and additional EVOs. This can lead to self sustained reactions. In some cases, these cycles can continue on for hours, days, or weeks. I expect this is what kept Piantelli and Focardi’s nickel hydrogen reactors in an “excited state” for extended periods and what allowed other LENR systems to produce “heat after death.” Kenneth Shoulders described this as the wild fire phenomenon.

Fulvio Fabiani eventually begins to explain that this technology opens up a world that could eventually lead to the star ships of science fiction. I totally agree! Spheromaks could not only be used to provide us energy extracted from the zero point energy field (AKA the aether or electron positron sea) but also provide a way to “warp” space in order to travel faster than the speed of light. The proof of this, in my opinion, is already here. Recently, Luis Elizondo of the Pentagon’s “Advanced Aerospace Threat Identification Program” has given a long series of interviews on mainstream news programs basically indicating that unknown craft capable of performance far beyond that of the United States military are flying in our skies. The accounts of these vehicles show the capability to accelerate extremely rapidly (zero to Mach 30 in two seconds), nullify mass and inertia (or these same craft would tear themselves apart), shield themselves from atmospheric drag (or they would burn up), cloak themselves (both to certain types of radar and visual observations), and obviously have some type of anomalous power source. These feats clearly put them on the level of Star Trek or Star Wars.

In one interview, Luis Elizondo went on to say that instead of using five different exotic technologies, the AATIP now thinks they utilize different manifestations of one single unifying technology. However, they have only believed this for approximately two years. What may have happened approximately two years ago? The answer is obvious: the addition of Harold Puthoff to their team. As some readers of this blog may know, Harold Puthoff participated in a research project investigating EVOs with Kenneth Shoulders starting in 1980. They worked closely together for several years and then remained friends afterwards. I expect that Harold Puthoff informed the AATIP about Kenneth Shoulders work. Then, most likely, they compared the data available on EVOs to their UFO evidence (which is said to include dozens of videos, radar logs, visual sightings, and MULTIPLE WAREHOUSES OF WRECKAGE).

I propose their conclusion was that UFOs enshroud themselves in organized shells of EVOs. Basically, these anomalous craft, at least some of them, are virtual macro-scale spheromaks.

This means that the same phenomena behind a long series of free energy technologies, LENR systems, the dozens of varieties of E-Cats, and the exotic “warp capable” craft flying above us are EVOs. No wonder Andrea Rossi is so secretive: without a doubt he has realized this connection!

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