Demand An Evidence Based UFO Disclosure: Tom Delonge’s Entertainment Plan Obscures Truth.

To be clear, I’d like to point out that this website is not affiliated with the “To The Stars Academy” created by Tom Delonge. Moreover, although I fully and completely support a factual and evidence based disclosure of the entire seventy year coverup of the extraterrestrial presence on our planet (going all the way back to the Roswell UFO Crash in 1947), I strongly oppose the type of entertainment based process promoted by Tom Delonge. This is not to say that I don’t appreciate the efforts, sacrifices, and service of himself, his team, and his supporters. However, the style of disclosure he proposes would only serve to dilute the truth with made up fiction to the point that the history of ET contact with our planet is forever and permanently obscured. Such a travesty, forever prohibiting our generation and future generations from ever having a truly accurate historical account of what transpired, must not be allowed to happen.

My understanding of Tom Delonge’s philosophy is as follows. There are multiple powerful groups both governmental, military, and corporate that contain factions within themselves that desire to see the  UFO embargo come to an end; however, for multiple reasons, they are hesitant to officially come forward and disclose factual evidence – including entire crashed vehicles and extraterrestrial bodies — to the world. But after negotiating with Tom Delonge, many of them are open to sharing accounts of various UFO incidents and perhaps broader revelations through fictional works such as books and movies. These pieces of “entertainment” could slyly reveal truth in a dramatized manner and open people’s minds without any “one hundred percent” verifiable information being officially released.  No paper trail, no official releases from the government or military, no examination of the craft from Roswell that started the coverup, no public display of de-engineered extraterrestrial craft, no line of communication between the civilian world and the ET species visiting our planet opened up: the status quo is more or less maintained. This is totally unacceptable. 

The citizens of the United States and the world have a fundamental right to be openly told the full truth about the last seventy plus years of extraterrestrial activity on our planet – including the actions of government, military, and private organizations to keep such important information concealed. This means insiders coming forward in an official capacity (representing their military branches, agencies, or companies) and spilling the beans in press conferences. All at once or immediately after each other like a chain of dominos toppling over, these individuals need to be standing with congressmen, senators, and the president of the United States with extraterrestrial hardware and organics (bodies) on display behind them. Nothing short of this counts as true disclosure.

Simply put, either we have non-watered down disclosure or we have more illusions, misunderstandings, and disinformation. As an example, the highest quality fictionalized movie with top notch computer graphics about the Roswell UFO crash – even if written and directed by individuals with access to the wreckage and documentation of the event – serves no function except to spread more confusion and perpetuate the coverup. Unless, of course, before being released at movie theaters, the government and military groups involved officially come forward, in a press conference at the White House, declaring Roswell was the crash of an extraterrestrial space craft with complete documentation ready for the media to download. Without such a corresponding in-your-face admission, there information contained in the video would remain open to interpretation and attack by skeptics. The hard evidence backing it up is what would turn the entertaining movie into a historical re-creation!

To be blunt, we need official admissions that the claims made by individuals such as Col. Philip J. Corso and hundreds of others, about Roswell and countless other UFO events, are legitimate. I’m not suggesting a blanket statement covering a broad range of claims without specifics. I mean the alleged gun camera footage, radar data, recovered debris, partial or complete ET crafts, recovered bodies, and perhaps even living extraterrestrials disclosed. The ridicule and mocking that whistle-blowers to these events have suffered is beyond horrific. National heros who have risked their lives to serve our country have been called the worst of names, epithets hurled questioning their quality of character, personal integrity, honesty, and even sanity. Many of them have actually endured threats and intimidation. Imagine being a witness to a UFO incident, coming forward with your story, and then having to face both the snotty, snarky arrogance of pseudo-skeptics AND the wrath of the military industrial complex attempting to silence you!  Can you imagine the depression, fear, and isolation you’d experience? The experience would rattle you emotionally for the remainder of your life.

Tom Delonge, to keep the cooperation of his insiders going, has claimed – paraphrasing here – that the coverup has actually been a good thing. He asserts that young people need to learn that those individuals and agencies perpetuating the suppression of the ET reality were doing something patriotic and that their actions were in the best interest of humanity. Perhaps in very isolated incidents and situations this could be true. I’d suggest that immediately after the Roswell UFO crash there may (although not necessarily) have been a need to keep things quiet. Back then, the powers-that-be probably were fairly clueless about the whole phenomenon. For all they knew, the Roswell UFO could have been some exotic Russian aircraft with eugenically bred mutants spreading a deadly pathogen or something equally as twisted but with an earthly, human origin. But shortly thereafter, the “working group” that formed had no valid reason to keep the suppression going. Instead, after studying the Roswell UFO for a short time and determining it wasn’t some sort of Russian super-weapon, they should have apologized for the obvious lie about it being a weather balloon and admitted the truth, the whole truth, about the craft. Even if they didn’t allow newspapers to publish close ups of the integrated circuit like chips, fiber optic like wires, and various devices that Col. Philip J. Corso described as being found, they should have at least fessed up and stated, “The object that crashed at Roswell was not a weather balloon of any kind; we made up that lie as a cover story. The truth is as originally reported – we’ve recovered a craft that seems to be of a non-earthly origin with beings that are not of this world.”

They didn’t. Instead they continued the coverup year after year, decade after decade, all the way up to this very day. We don’t books and movies released that are open to interpretation, with no way to know exactly what’s true and what’s not due to a lack of official documentation. As stated above, we need the parties in control of the coverup, or factions inside these organizations, to come forward openly and publicly.

I strongly urge, even plead, with Tom Delonge and his team members to push for a fact based disclosure in which those in the know publicly come forward. Moreover, I’d go so far as to say that instead of starting with gun camera footage from a decade ago, the wreckage, craft, and bodies from the Roswell Incident need to be revealed FIRST. This event is arguably where the UFO coverup started and has become the most famous, well known encounter known by the public. If all details of the crash were released in a White House press conference, holding back nothing, the remainder of the “embargo” put into place by the working group would unravel immediately.

The UFO coverup started at Roswell and must end with Roswell. 

What I fear most is a slow drip feed of fictionalized works and fascinating videos of flying craft that don’t even begin to address the heart of the coverup, the fundamental paradigm shattering truth: we’ve had entire craft for seventy years, we’ve figured out how they work, we’ve communicated with the occupants, and we’ve been building our own secret space craft utilizing electrogravitic technology since the fifties or sixties. This last part is what they *really* don’t want the public to know about. This is because, in my opinion, it doesn’t take hundreds of years for an industrialized society to go from steam engines to vessels like the Starship Enterprise of “Star Trek: The Next Generation.” The truth is that we’ve built craft, although likely smaller in most cases, with similar performance characteristics. Utilizing technologies that extract energy from and manipulate the zero point energy field (which may also be known simply as the aether or electron-positron sea), we’ve already mastered the ability to bend mass, gravity, inertia, and perhaps even time itself to our will.

The Fluxliner ARV (Alien Reproduction Vehicle) and similar vehicles are probably examples of humanity harnessing the enormous potential of “space-time metric” engineering many decades ago. Which, of course, leads to the question, “If we built faster than light ARVs forty plus years ago, what have the top aerospace companies and Unacknowledged Special Access Projects (USAPS) been working on sense?”

We’ll never know the answers to these questions unless the “To The Stars Academy” lead by Tom Delonge pushes for an initial, complete, and uninhibited disclosure of the Roswell UFO Crash. Such a massive disclosure would be the spark that ignites a cascade of revelations about every deep, dark secret project that has taken place since. Hardware and bodies, instead of films and videos, need to be the start of an official abandonment of the working group’s embargo. Books and films need only come when the evidence to back them up has been posted on government and military websites. Otherwise, we might end up ten years from now with a pop culture craze over UFOs, but an Air Force that still admits that expert military officers mistook a crashed disc for a weather balloon and ET bodies for test dummies thrown out of airplanes with parachutes attached.


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