My EVOlving Understanding: Electron Cluster Talk #1

Welcoming to the first edition of a new series of blog posts about my understanding of the amazing aetheric engines called “Exotic Vacuum Objects” or Electron Clusters. The posts I make in this series will be intermittent; I’ll only be making them as I feel there’s a need. Speaking openly and broadly like I will in these postings help me consolidate the countless nuggets of information I’ve collected into a more coherent framework. So here goes.

EVOs can be produced in a multitude of ways, but they typically all involve sudden electrical discharges of voltage, usually over a very short time frame. Basically, you want the density of electrons to be increased to a critical density. Kenneth Shoulders found many ways to achieve such compaction of electrons: sudden discharges from sharp tipped cathodes, RF or microwave frequencies applied to gases, the breakdown of dielectrics (such as in capacitors) when maximum breakdown limits are breached, the cavitation of bubbles, and many others. The actual aetheric essence of what constitutes the EVO may not actually “be” electrons, but this “soul” (using this term very metaphorically in this statement) actively seeks to latch onto electrons as material to construct the physical engine. If the EVO is created by an “ecton” explosion on the tip of a cathode, some electrons will be collected from the metal. Additionally, if a gaseous atmosphere is present, electrons will be extracted from the plasma that’s created by the high electric fields. There are numerous conventional sources of electrons that EVOs may draw upon. However, there is a very fundamental source, perhaps the most plentiful source, we should not overlook: the electron-positron sea that may underline all of physical reality. Don Hotson and others have speculated that the aether may be filled with electron positron pairs swirling around each other. There are a multitude of theories about the exact nature of physical reality at the smallest scales, and I can’t say if I’m totally sold on the idea that “space” itself (pure emptiness) is composed of these electron-positron pairs or if there is a grid of something more fundamental (perhaps the Russian Leonov’s quantons) beneath them. Regardless, these electron positron pairs are there.

Mainstream physicists admit that a sufficiently powerful electric field can cohere the zero point energy field (another term for the aether or electron positron sea) so that some small quantity of these electron positron pairs can be squeezed out like juice from an orange. I propose this undoubtedly — at least according to the mental image in my brain — happens when an EVO is created. My guess is that these electron positron pairs provide both building material and energy for the charge cluster: a certain percentage of the pairs may annihilate to release energy and others may become part of the structure. This is only one source of the excess energy exhibited by an EVO. As Shoulders described, you can attach heavy positive ions to an EVO and accelerate them for no detectable extra energy cost, as if they were being carried along in a warp bubble. When the electron cluster breaks apart, these heavy ions keep the anomalous kinetic energy (somehow acquired from the zero point energy field) and can slam against other materials, inducing thermonuclear reactions (among others).

Every EVO generation is energetically gainful; everytime an EVO is created there is an extraction of energy from the vacuum. In modern times, Nikola Tesla was probably the first to notice this happening in his spark gap based Tesla Coils that could generate massive “electrical movements” (a term which I think meant net power gains) many times that of the input. My guess is not only were the spark gaps used to produce his disruptive discharges producing EVOs and sprays of highly energetic electrons in all directions, but that a spray of longitudinal electromagnetic impulses (pulsed magnetic vector potential) were emitted. Tesla’s secondary and extra coils, some of which were cone or funnel shaped, could act as wave guides to collect and focus these energies to his transmitting elements — usually round balls to transmit omnidirectionally or glass tubes to transmit unidirectionally.

Tesla’s mistake, in my opinion, was trying to create a system to broadcast power broadly to whole regions or the world. Although he already knew and reported that the whole setup was gainful — a number of receivers collecting more output than was input to the transmitter — he should have documented this much more carefully. Literally, he should have routed the “cold electrical” output of one of his systems directly into a transformer or motor and measured the power, electrical or mechanical, out. Then he should have compared that to the input. Such a presentation back then could have had an impact, especially since Tesla had already made a name for himself. He was the inventor of a variety of technologies, including alternating current and several generators, that had changed the world. Solid data from someone like Tesla, reproduced by a third party, would have been earth shattering.

Sadly, there were multiple other inventors in Tesla’s age or shortly afterwards that built similar systems. Some of them produced enormous outputs for little to no input! However, since these were more or less no-name individuals, they had no credibility. I guess, in a way, the world back then was like it is today. The evidence behind a claim isn’t as strong as the name behind the claim. If an unknown PhD in today’s age claimed some truly exotic free energy technology, odds are he’d be horribly ridiculed. However, if the Mythbusters or other techno-celebrities made a similar claim, they’d be taken a little more seriously.

To move on, I’d like to point out that I’m realizing more and more that UFO technology is closely linked to EVOs. Not only did Shoulders in one of his papers compare the similarities been the properties of UFOs and EVOs, but he discussed in the broadest terms how his technology could be used to propel a ship, nullifying dangerous acceleration forces in the process. Moreover, the same technology could cloak the ship, protect the craft from atmospheric drag, and perhaps even allow it a means to communicate at superluminal speed over long distances. My thinking over the past few weeks is that a UFO (or an Unidentified Aerial Phenomena as some people call them) utilizing a strong electric field to produce a layer of EVOs around itself could have two transportation modes. A first in which it accelerates to a certain maximum warp factor or multiple of the speed of light. My guess is that this could be in the thousands and may depend on the size of the ship or the properties of the region of space. If the drive is pushed harder (creating an even more asymmetrical gradient in the aether) the craft may start to literally jump from point to point, much like the jump drive of Battlestar Galactica.

The Fluxliner Alien Reproduction Vehicle (ARV) is alleged to have had a thick lead based paint applied to shield the occupants from x-rays produced when electrons struck the surface. This would seem to make perfect sense, because Shoulders observed x-rays frequently when EVOs would hit anodes. Moreover, the terahertz radiation being emitted by UFOs could also be due to EVOs interacting with small scale features on the surface. In his own lab, Shoulders was able to produce powerful terahertz radiation by having EVOs interact with appropriate sized resonating structure which would act like transmitting antennas.

There’s even a claim of a sample of material from the Roswell UFO containing alternating layers of bismuth and magnesium (with a tiny percentage of zinc). Many such layers were found in samples of material allegedly acquired from the bottom of the craft. Since EVOs love to travel within dielectric wave guides and can easily travel through light metals (to various degrees depending upon their state of excitation), I could easily visualize EVOs traveling through the magnesium layer with the bismuth acting as the dielectric. A powerful enough circulation could have induced gradients in the aether strong enough to propel the craft by modifying gravity and inertia, which are both analogous forces.

Kenneth Shoulders also observed that EVOs interacting with materials would often shift the isotopic ratio. I’ve heard that the Advanced Aerospace Threat Identification Program or AATIP has acquiried samples of materials from UFOs with anomalous ratios. If EVOs are flowing around the craft or through wave guides in the skin, I expect that over time there would be isotopic shifting. This could be a sign of EVO technology being utilized. I think the folks at the AATIP should take samples of the same alloy, submit them to repeated impacts by EVOs (which are easily to generate), and determine if the final isotopic shift is the same as that in the UFO material. This would be a relatively simple and cheap test to perform. In fact, it would probably only cost a few thousand dollars or less if they already have most of the equipment in their lab to produce an EVO generator. The main cost would be the wage of the scientist spending hours in the lab.

As I’ve said before on this blog, EVO technology opens up the universe to mankind: it combines the myriad of systems in the fictional Starship Enterprise (warp drive, deflector shields, impulse drive, inertial dampeners, subspace transceiver, and others) into one system. Moreover, if you’re a Star Trek fan, you’ll note that the shuttlecraft in the original series couldn’t travel faster than light at warp speed. That didn’t happen until the “Next Generation.” With this technology, in a very short period of time, we could build Greyhound bus sized “faster than light” capable vessels. My dream of having a personal “runabout” class ship like those in Star Trek Deep Space Nine could plausibly come true!

Of course there’s a dark side to the EVO technology. Weapons utilizing beams of EVOs could easily be built that could produce enormous damage. Eugene Podkletnov in Russia has been working on such an impulse generator for almost two decades. In a gaseous environment, he pulses a supercooled, superconducting disc acting as a cathode towards a smaller anode utilizing a massive electrical discharge from a capacitor bank wired as a Marx generator. Using five million volts, he is able to produce a visible plasmoid that travels from the cathode to the anode. A beam of force, which I think is pure magnetic vector potential without any polluting magnetic field, is produced that can punch holes in brick walls at a distance of kilometers. He alleges to have measured the speed of the beam which is approximately sixty four times the speed of light. Now, I’m not totally convinced of his claims because he has provided so little hard evidence: no video or photographic evidence. However, what he has achieved matches closely to what’s possible using EVO technology.

I’m also fascinated by the link between EVOs and cold fusion or Low Energy Nuclear Reactions (LENR). This is a complicated discussion that is worth its own blog post. Nevertheless, EVOs seem to be a universal catalyst for LENR. Even in Andrea Rossi’s latest system, the E-Cat QX, EVOs are likely at work. In a gas discharge tube, when a high voltage is applied, EVOs along with individual electrons will travel towards the anode with an anomalous KE while protons and positive ions (those not being carried by the EVOs) will hit the cathode. So both at the cathode and anode we have the conditions for nuclear reactions. Moreover, if the electrodes are hydrogenated and embrittled, the impacts will likely induce fracto-emission which will result in smaller EVOs emerging from the hydrogen loaded metal. Literally, when cracks form in the metal, EVOs will likely emerge, capture protons already in the lattice, and accelerate them into adjacent material on the other side of the fracture. This can induce chains of self-sustaining reactions that Ken Shoulders called, “wildfire.”

A mastery of three different phenomena will allow for the jump to the next age of mankind: EVOs, the scalar and magnetic vector potentials of Maxwell’s original electrodynamic equations, and surface plasmon polaritons.

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