Kenneth Shoulders Forbidden Electron Cluster Patents

Kenneth Shoulders originally attempted to file these patent applications only to be informed that the government planned to slap a secrecy order on them: which would throw all of his discoveries into a bottomless pit. To stop this from happening, Kenneth Shoulders compiled the book, “EV – A Tale of Discovery” and distributed it to a number of his friends and colleagues. When they demanded a list of whom he’d sent the book, which would have obviously became classified as well, he told them that the computer had eaten it. For some reason, they relented and allowed his patent applications to proceed. Here are those patents. They contain a wealth of knowledge about how to create, grow, manipulate, direct, and utilize EVOs (exotic vacuum objects) for a variety of purposes. As has been previously mentioned on this blog, Luis Elizondo of the Advanced Aerospace Threat Identification Program has publicly stated in recent interview that previously his group thought that the unknown craft flying in our skies had to utilize at least five exotic technologies; however, about two years ago they started to think that they only use multiple aspects of one single technology. Although it was not stated, the evidence is overwhelming that this unifying technology is based on electron clusters!

By studying the following patents, you will gain knowledge that the government would have preferred to classify and keep top secret. Once further engineered, this technology can be used to extract unlimited energy from the zero point energy field, manipulate gravity/inertia, induce Low Energy Nuclear Reactions, and even communicate at superluminal speeds! Obviously, after having access to this technology ever since the recovery of the UFO crash at Roswell, they didn’t want people reading Kenneth Shoulders patents!



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