Luis Elizondo’s Single UFO Technology Revealed: Electron Clusters!

Luis Elizondo was the director of the Pentagon’s Top Secret “Advanced Aviation Threat Identification Program.” Since the declassification of three – only two of which have been released – videos of UFO encounters, he has been interviewed numerous times. The message he conveys is clear and impossible to misunderstand: there are physical craft flying our skies that are more advanced than any conventional man-made technology utilized by any nation. He claims the evidence obtained during his time leading the program is overwhelmingly compelling and undeniable. The eye witness testimony of highly qualified, experienced military aviators, radar evidence, photographs, video, gun camera footage, and even physical evidence left behind by the craft leave no room for doubt that this phenomenon is real and deserves intense study. Moreover, he reveals another purpose of the AATIP: to learn how the craft work and understand the physics involved.

Near the end of a recent MSNBC interview, he makes the following statement that could have paradigm shattering consequences.

“That is correct. But I’ll tell you too, I think in the, in the defense of the program, we actually have some very interesting I believe and some very nuanced observations that are now for the first time allowing us to have a better collective understanding of just how it works. So the big question of what it is, well we’re not quite there yet. But I think we’re a lot closer now to how it works, some of the advanced physics, than we were just even two years ago. I think we have some very interesting conclusions where before maybe we were trying to identify five separate exotic technologies, to explain what we were doing, I think we’ve came to the point now where we begin to realize it’s really all a manifestation of potentially a single technology.”

His comment makes perfect sense, because any craft performing like the disc filmed by the gun cameras of the two Super Hornet jet fighters would need to be using several technologies, each of which could be comparable to that of the fictional Starship Enterprise of Star Trek.

First, such a craft would need a power source that could support all the other systems. Obviously, a huge amount of energy would need to be generated (or extracted from somewhere else).

Second, the saucer would need a radical propulsion technology capable of allowing it to accelerate to many times the speed of sound in an instant or even travel faster than light (this would be needed when traveling from one solar system to another).

Third, to prevent the occupants of any such ship from being crushed by such rapid accelerations, a form of inertial damping would be required. Otherwise, all these ships would need to be unmanned. Actually, without some way of reducing the acceleration forces, the ship itself would be torn into shreds.

Fourth, any normal craft would burn up due to frictional heating from aerodynamic drag when traveling at such speeds in an atmosphere. Also, when traveling in space at even a fraction of the speed of light, impacts with even tiny grains of dust would be dangerous. This means that the ship would need a form of deflector shields to protect it from any obstacles.

Fifth, the craft, if from another solar system or planet, would need a means to communicate over long distances without having to wait for the time it would take for a transverse electromagnetic wave to reach another solar system (four years minimum) and then wait for them to send a message back.

The single unifying technology that would allow for all of the above are electron clusters and their interaction with the zero point energy field (the scalar and vector potentials). A craft built by a species that had became sophisticated enough to understand the unification of electrodynamics and hydrodynamics resulting in “fluidic electrodynamics” would be able to have all the above systems. In fact, the propulsion drive, inertial damping system, and deflector shields would be all in one! By wrapping specifically structured electric fields of magnetic vector potential around the craft and creating a density gradient in the aether, the saucer could be propelled to tremendous speeds, shielded from interaction with matter, and the occupants and structure wouldn’t experience inertial forces.

Simply put, the UFO in the gun camera footage is mimicking an EVO. By wrapping a powerful electric field around itself, it’s literally a macro-scale version of an electron cluster. These electric fields could even be inducing the formation of actual nano or micro-scale EVOs that circulate around the craft. In space, where there would be no atmosphere, the electric fields could be powerful enough to extract electron positron pairs from the vacuum. Or, if need be, the UFO could emit a cloud of gas that could ionized as a source of electrons.

The same EVOs that would be altering the structure of the aether (perhaps reducing the permitivity of space asymmetrically around the craft) could also provide power. A small fraction of the EVOs allowed to interact with collectors in the interior could produce an enormous amount of electricity: both in the ordinary form that we use to power our homes and the “cold” form that imparts superconductor like properties to ordinary metals. A portion of this power could be used to pulse the fields around the craft in such a way that a superluminal longitudinal wave signal could be sent across the galaxy or beyond.

All the five different exotic technologies that would be required by this unknown craft could be reduced down to one! And there is a particular contractor working for the AATIP that would know all about electron clusters: Harold Puthoff. He worked with Kenneth Shoulders on exotic vacuum objects from the start and remained friends with him for decades!

Of course what’s important to note here is that the craft in the video may not be extraterrestrial at all. In 1947 outside of Roswell, NM an extraterrestrial craft was recovered and the military industrial complex has had almost seventy years to de-engineer the technology. If you believe the lore about the Fluxliner Alien Reproduction Vehicle, then these man made electrogravitic vehicles have been flying in our skies since the 1960s. Luis Elizondo needs to reveal if he learned anything about the Roswell Incident and the efforts to de-engineer the technology.

We don’t need new footage of UFOs when the military industrial complex has had nearly a complete craft with bodies in storage since 1947. A full press conference needs to be held where official pictures, footage, autopsy photos, and other documentation of the Roswell UFO crash is revealed along with the fact that a tiny subset of humanity mastered EVO propulsion!

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