Welcome to The Electron Cluster Project!


Welcome to The Electron Cluster Project! As the director of this project, I’m on a mission to promote the awareness, more deeply understand, and push for the utilization of electron clusters. These organized high-density bunches of electrons have been referred to by probably at least a dozen names. A few include EVs (latin for Strong Electron), EVOs (exotic vacuum objects), electron clusters, charge clusters, strange radiation, high density charge clusters, ectons (which describe the events on a cathode surface that create them), vortex filaments, and micro ball lightning. Somehow able to resist the repulsion of their like charges, these electrons form dense and complex structures that seem to defy common scientific understanding. These likely torodial structures are capable of shielding (nullifying or screening) electric charge, mass, inertia, and gravity. Moreover, they are capable of interacting with matter in truly bizarre ways, converting¬† matter to energy, absorbing matter, demolecularizing matter, accelerating matter to fractions of the speed of light (if not faster) like miniature warp drives, and a number of other effects. They are truly the catalytic nexus of many different exotic technologies developed by out of the box thinkers over the past hundred years or longer. In fact, they go all the way back to Nikola Tesla’s spark gap discharges and the “cold electricity” he was capable of producing. More recently, a genius, the father of micro-electronics, Kenneth Shoulders spent the final decades of his life studying these self-organizing structures. His work provides an excellent guide to further analysis of electron clusters; however, a more full understanding requires the examination of other literature on the topic.

Electron clusters have the capability of becoming more revolutionary than the transistor. In the development of electron cluster based technology, we’re still back in the era in which Bell Labs were working on the first transistors that would replace vacuum tubes. There is so much room for growth it is unbelievable. In fact, the unknown craft flying above in our skies likely utilize a macro-scale form of EVO technology.

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  1. Thank you for your work. Very interesting reading!

    • Thank you very much for stopping by! I appreciate that you have found this blog interesting so far. I find Electron Clusters absolutely fascinating: there seems to be no end to their applications.

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